Chicken Price List 2021
N.B. Turkey Marketing Board – Charge for service

Turkey 1 Day $4.47 +.20 + .03 (HST)= $4.70
Turkey 4 Week $6977 + .20 +.03 (HST)= $7.20
Meat King 1 Day Male $ 1.75
Female $1.70
Redbro (replaces Sasso) 1 Day $2.00
Meat King 3 Week Male   $4.35
Female $4.25
Laying Hens Red or White
Red only Rooster
19 Week
19 Week
Ducks 1 Day Mixed $4.80
Quails 6 Week Mixed $4.50

Must be ordered by April 16th first order.  Second Order May 18th. Phone (506-773-3070)
DELIVERY DATE: You are to pick up chicks May 14th before 11:00 a.m. or they will be returned.(Second-order June 15th)
PLEASE NOTE: Miramichi Feeds Inc will not be responsible for loss of birds after they have left the property. Please check your orders before you leave the mill.

Due to Covid-19, Miramichi Feeds Inc would like to have all orders paid in full before delivery dates.

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

18kg bag

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