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Cinch Bugs are eating my grass. What do I do?
They’re a bad little bugger. They work outward in a circular pattern so there is no sense treating the center where they’ve already been because they won’t go back there. Don’t treat the whole lawn, but instead just treat around the outside with a potato bug poison or something similar.

How do I know if I should lime my lawn?
It is a necessity to lime every year around the Miramichi region. You should lime a minimum of 10 lbs per 1000 square feet of lawn. The optimum PH for the average lawn is 6.5 – 7. Most of the local landscaping companies such as Northern Green can test the PH of your lawn if you like.

When is the best time of year to seed your lawn?
Spring or fall are both okay, but any time after September 15th you’re rolling the dice. Certainly not after October 15th. If you get a frost it could wipe out your lawn.

What should I do after harvesting my vegetables to prepare my soil for planting next year?
You should use lime in the fall and leave it there until spring. With lime you really need six months before you can see a difference. The other thing people do to get their gardens ready for winter is to add more soil to fill it in more if it’s needed. If you’re going to have a long nice fall you can also plant some buckwheat then till it up before it flowers. This will add more compost. Or even better you can plant the buckwheat in the spring, a couple of weeks before you intend to plant your vegetables. Then till it before it goes to seed. Don’t wait too long or you’ll end up with it growing on its own in your garden every year.

Should I leave cuttings or old vegetables in the soil to decompose back into the ground or remove them?
You can leave them for sure. Compost is good for the soil. It certainly can’t hurt.

I always heard that its good for the garden to put used egg shells in it, is this true?
Well sure. The calcium in the egg shells is great compost for the soil. It isn’t required procedure but it isn’t going to hurt your garden.

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