2024 Specialty Chick Price List

Alternative Growth Meat Birds
Rustic Ranger Male or Female               1 Day old         $7.75

Dual Purpose Chicks
Irona (Sasso) Male or Female                 1 Day old         $7.75

Heritage Breed Layers
Barred Plymouth Rock Male or Female 1 Day old         $7.75
Rhode Island Red Male or Female          1 Day old         $7.75

Alternative Layers
Azure Pullets (Blue Eggs)                         1 Day old        $10.00
Olive Pullets (Green Eggs)                       1 Day old        $10.00
Norian Pullets (Dark Brown Eggs)          1 Day old        $10.00

White Muscovy Duckling                         1 Day old        $10.00

Ringneck Pheasants                                  1 Day old        $10.00

Artisan Gold Turkey                                1 Day old        $14.25
Mini Classic Turkey                                 1 Day old        $13.25

Delivery Date May 8 (Tentative)

Orders will be taken until quantities are sold out.                                                                                                                

PLEASE NOTE: Miramichi Feeds Inc will not be responsible for loss of birds after they have left Miramichi Feeds Inc.

Please check your orders before you leave the feed mill.

A nonrefundable deposit of 50% is required at the time of order

All orders are to be paid in full before April 2.

Call 773-3070 to order